C2E, Coaching, Counseling & EAP, PA - Pilar De la Espriella, LMHC, CAP, CEAP
C2E, Coaching, Counseling & EAP, PA is a Tampa Bay-based private practice owned by licensed psychotherapist, Pilar De la Espriella. C2E specializes in counseling for individuals and couples, employee and leadership consultation for small business, and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services for individuals and corporations.
At C2E we believe individuals are meant to live lives that are passionate, productive, and full of joy, peace, and well-being. There are times; however, when stress, depression, anxiety, or simply the inability to get along with those we most care about interferes with those desires. We may engage in self-defeating behaviors in an attempt to avoid what is troubling us, stop performing to our fullest potential, or lose focus of where we are headed.
With every crisis; however, there is opportunity for growth, creativity, and mastery. Our goal is to help individuals identify and bring forth those strengths which are inherent in them, while eliminating the barriers which get in the way.
Whether we are addressing personal issues or work-related concerns, our goal is the same... to provide a professional and respectful setting where individuals can explore what is most meaningful in their lives, restore balance to those areas which are out of balance, and integrate mind, body, and spirit towards this aim.
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Don't turn your head.
Keep looking at the bandaged place.
That's where the Light enters you.
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