C2E, Coaching, Counseling & EAP, PA - Pilar De la Espriella, LMHC, CAP, CEAP
Employee Assistance
As an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) professional, my goal is to support  individuals and the organizations they serve. Given my extensive background in the fields of behavioral health, substance abuse, human growth & development, organizational management and occupational mental health, I am well positioned to draw on this experience to serve the best interests of the work groups/organizations I serve.
EAP services include both on-site and off-site interventions for employees who are utilizing their company-sponsored EAP benefits or for leaders who would benefit from consultation with a behavioral/occupational health specialist or would like to recommend/require their employees utilize EAP services.
     On-site services include
  • Supervisory and HR consultation regarding employee behavior or concerns 
  • Leader consultation which may focus on the behavior of a single employee, work group or entire workforce
  •  Education & Training on work-related topics such as communication, conflict resolution, time management, drug-free workplace policies, violence prevention, stress management, resiliency, mindfulness in the workplace (and others)
     Off-site services include
  • Assessment and short-term counseling for self-referred employees and leaders
  • Assessment and short-term counseling for required or mandated employees 
  •  Off-site Education & Training 
C2E, Coaching, Counseling & EAP, PA works with employees from local and national business, financial, health care, manufacturing, Law firms, and insurance organizations, as well as with government and military personnel.  We understand employees are facing high levels of stress which affect absenteeism/presenteeism, job performance and productivity. Our goal is to assist employees in resolving their personal issues so that they can focus on productivity, team goals, and organizational success.
Whether promoting health and productivity, providing assessment and short-term counseling, or intervening in high risk situations, confidentiality of employee health information is a priority. We adhere to Federal HIPAA guidelines and follow privacy practices when applicable.
All services are available in English and Spanish.